Doctrinal Statement

Welcome to Clear Gospel Campaign.  The following doctrinal statement represents a detailed view of our beliefs.  You will note a detailed theme on the purity of the Gospel message not present in most doctrinal statements.  We hope that, in your reading of it, you not only evaluate the doctrinal positions of Clear Gospel Campaign, but that it may also illuminate to you any errors or weaknesses in your own Christian experience, whether worship, tithing, witnessing, or other Christian activity, and that you might be edified by it.  Although this doctrinal statement is copyrighted under the Berne Convention, Clear Gospel Campaign hereby extends permission to any Christian group to adopt this doctrinal statement, in part, or in the whole, as the doctrinal statement of their own church or organization.  Although Clear Gospel Campaign does not require notification of such use, we would be greatly encouraged to learn that this labor has been used of God, and humbly request notification of such usage or adoption.  We further request, but do not require, that any extensive usage might be acknowledged by a footnote or headnote.  Clear Gospel Campaign has drawn many well crafted sentences and phrases from the doctrinal statements of  Dallas Theological Seminary and Chafer Theological Seminary, and appreciates the fine work that went into crafting those documents.

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Grace Chart

Grace Chart

Ronald R. Shea, Th.M., J.D.

Founder and President