The Gospel, English, p. 25


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2. Don’t try to gain assurance of your relationship with Christ or grow in spiritual truth through “mystical feelings” or “quiet little voices” inside your head. What we “feel” in our heart is no more reliable a guide to spiritual truth than it is to truths concerning mathematics or geography. Would you try to drive hundreds of miles of back country roads in the fog without a roadmap simply by trusting your “feelings?” Of course not! And yet this is how many people foolishly try to live their Christian lives!

3. In order for us to grow in spiritual truth, God has given us a source of truth that is sure and steadfast. It is called the Bible. Try to read your Bible every day. Start by reading the Book of Galatians. It is St. Paul’s defense of the gospel and the doctrine of grace. Read one chapter each day until you have read the entire book (six chapters) five times. This will take one month. In the next month, read through the entire book once a day. This will firmly establish you in some of the most basic and important doctrines of the Christian faith, providing the kind of foundation that is essential for sound Christian growth.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.    Romans 10:17

4. Once you have become rooted in your understanding of the gospel, find a good church.  To do this, ask the pastor how one gets to heaven.  If he says it is through living a good life, obeying the Ten Commandments, baptism, confession, church membership, or some other incorrect answer—turn around and look for another church.  If the pastor doesn’t even know the gospel, the most basic belief of the Christian faith, then he doesn’t even know the first thing about Christianity!  Why would you want to go to a church where the pastor doesn’t even know how to get to heaven?  Find a good church!


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